Friday, March 11, 2011


Art establishes and makes tangible a time, a place, a thought, an idea.
Art, properly made, enhances and enriches the lives of others.
Art gives an opportunity to endow new life and meaning into the ordinary.
Art gives an opportunity to design your own world, and as in your children, create a significant immortality.
Art is hard-earned work that is its own reward and has a degree of permanence.
Art, because it's so easy to do, and so difficult to do well, encourages humility in the human soul.
Art is an apprenticeship that can be stretched into a lifelong education.
Art thrives on democratic ideals, freedom of expression and rugged individualism.
Art permits you to step out of the labyrinth and into a quiet corner of your own private joy.
Thank you, Nancy Rounsaville, for sharing the beauty of these words!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nancy Franke - March Workshop Group - Everyone had such a great time!!!!! There were 16 students in this group and two came to watch the demos each day. The work produced by this group was incredible...what a great inspiration Nancy is to everyone!!!

Nancy Franke - Day 2 Demo - her lovely soft palette. They worked on how to get glass to look like glass.

Nancy Franke does it all - juggles a bottled water and paint brush as she cruises around the room helping everyone with their painting. She helped students see the dark and light in the stems of the flowers as they entered a glass container and also see the beautiful blue light and warm bright light that was reflected in the glass by the light.