Sunday, June 26, 2011


Dennis Campay doing a short demo of his palette knife application of lines.

A thoughtful moment during our two hour visit with Dennis and Colette Campay. A group of us from the school were graciously accepted into their home. Both are so delightful, warm and sharing. Dennis shared his story and spoke to us about the craft of art. He encouraged us to stay true to the craft and if you feel stuck just get back to the basic fundamentals of drawing, shape, form and value.
He discussed his techniques, mediums and materials used, movement throughout his work by using color triangles to guide the viewer throughout his work.
The Campay studio in Avondale.

A few guests, Pat and Ted Plomgren, and Gary Bodner, listening to what Dennis had to say about artists being true to themselves and painting for themselves. He strongly encouraged self expression - study from others, but make it your own. Take home message, do not copy others.

That iconic chair and typewriter which are housed in his studio.

It is always Christmas in the Campay studio. Rhonda Feldman and Beth Stormont pose before two of Dennis' works.

Dennis and Colette Campay bidding us a farewell from their Atlanta home/studio in Avondale.
Dennis described his personal journey throughout his work using icons such as a chair, typewriter, boats, fences that he climbed through in Texas to watch baseball games.

Dennis traveled the world since he was in a military family and his roots are now shared with Colette between their homes in Jacksonville and studio home in Atlanta.


David Shevlino - June Workshop

David studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He stresses clean lights, large mass application, mid tone transitions, brush handling, and we all enjoyed a philosophical discussion about artists in the market, gallery representation, being able to grow as an artist, challenging ourselves to become better painters.

Demo of Sumo Wrestler painting:

Day 2 Demo - David Shvelino - Study of the figure with warm shadows, mid tone colors to round the form, and brush movement.

Day 1 Demo by David Shevlino - Study of Annie
David stressed the nuances of color shifts in facial planes, angles of paint application and creating a dynamic background.