Thursday, February 25, 2010


Three of our instructors have very different names for their "FOCAL POINT"- that part of a painting that pulls one into the work, the center of interest or the main subject. Ellen White calls it the bling, Millie Gosch, the bride, and Nancy Franke, the hero. When designing your painting keep in mind what you want your main focus to be and make that statement. The focal point is usually that area of the painting that has the highest contrast and the hardest edges. Everything else will play second fiddle to it and support the bling, the bride or the hero.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Nancy Franke told everyone in the workshop that if they painted something small each day, they will notice a drastic change in their ability to "see" and improve their skills. Look at what Carol Marine has accomplished in her daily become fresh, spontaneous, you see "values" better and shapes. Try it!!


I am sure, by now, that most of you have heard of this theory. I learned it many years ago from a lawyer friend of mine. and, I find that this theory practically applies to everything in life...including painting. Keeping it simple _ _ _ _ _ _ is what has made so many wonderful artists become great painters. They do not over do! So remember, KISS!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The other day someone asked how I would describe the school. I have heard so many students say that the school is doing something that Atlanta has desperately needed for such a long time - bringing revered artists to our city to teach aritsts. Sometimes, it does feel like a runaway train, but I just try to hang on and enjoy the ride. Luckily, I have had some great students and instructors who have helped me along the way. Both Millie Gosch, an instructor, and Jenny Schultz, a student of the school, have offered to help me arrange the workshop schedule. Millie was instrumental in getting Ray Roberts and Patti Kroll-Roberts here and I am chomping at the bit to get the artists that have been contacted by Jenny on our schedule just so you can get as excited as I am about who is planning to come. Anyway, I do hope you will join us all on this thrilling ride. We are so fortuante to have such wonderful instruction!!!


March 8th marks the deadline for entry submissions for the Palette Knife Juried Exhibition to be held in April. Angela Nesbit, of Charlotte, NC and represented by Huff Harrinton in Atlanta, will jury and judge this show. She will be offering a weekend workshop at the gallery following the reception which will be held on Friday April 9th. A palette knife demo will be held on Friday, the 9th, from noon - 3:00 which is open to the public for $25. Join us for a wonderful reception with great food prepared by The Paper Mill Grill on Friday, April 9th, from 6:00 -8:30 when the Merit Awards will be announced.

Future juried exhibitions:

May - The Portrait Society of Atlanta Spring 2010 Juried Exhibtion - Judge: Dawn Whitelaw
June - Atlanta Watercolor Exhibit ( Judge: Marie Matthews)
July - Retro Americana Exhibit (Judge: Gary Bodner)
August - Atlanta Equestrian Exhibit (Judge: Robert Christie)
September - Pastel Exhibit (Judge: TBA)
Ocotber: Atlanta Celebrates Photography
November - Still Life Exhibit (Judge: Nancy Franke)
December - School Show for Students and Instructors


Meet the Merit Award Winners for the Southeastern Plein Air Exhibition which was held this month with an award reception on February 5th.
Photo: L-R: Donna Thomas (school and gallery director), award winners, Jane Scott (Atlanta), Lori Putnam (Nashville), Charles Walls (Atlanta), Amanda Carder (Cartersville), Bill Davidson (Judge). Missing in photo: Mille Gosch (Atlanta) and Libby Mathews (Tiger, Ga).
The reception was wonderful - little beef wellingtons and crab stuffed mushrooms provided gratis by The Paper Mill Grill next door. There were about 85 people who turned out on this frigid, rainly evening to honor these artists juried into this exhibition. Congratulations to these award winners!! The work is absoluely lovely. Show comes down on February 27th, so if you have not had a chance to come take a look. please do so. The Gallery at Paper Mill Village, 255 Village Parkway, Suite 320, Marietta, GA 30067. Hours Mon, Thurs, Fri, and Sat 10 - 3.


What a great weekend 15 students had at The Gallery at Paper Mill Village in Nancy's "Alla Prima" workshop. Nancy is a dynamo. The space was incredible and fit everyone very comfortably with three still life set ups, the teaching was fantastic and the camaraderie was wonderful!! We all shared so many experiences and laughs together at lunch each day. Rather than everyone having to run out in different cars to grab lunch, we are fortunate to have the cafe next to us reserve a large table for 16 on Saturday and on Sunday at the other restaurant that adjoins the gallery, The Paper Mill Grill, prepared an elegant table for 17. Ellen White, one of our instructors at the school and friend to Nancy Franke, came to visit us Sunday and offered her critique to several students that afternoon. Nancy welcomed her visit. I wish I could remember what Nancy said in response to student, Martha Diaz's, question about Nancy's note about the "language" of art. It was a truly eloquent. Although workshops can be exhaustng in and of themselves, the overall joy of learning from one of Atlanta's greatest was felt. Nancy is without a doubt one of the most honest, fun, exuberant, and gifted instructors we have...hail to Nancy!