Sunday, January 10, 2010

WOW - It's been that long!


Phew! It has been a long break since we all last met! And, my what a winter. We had to cancel Lorraine Christie's workshop this weekend due to the horrible weather and Lorraine was stuck in her house...her car on the side of the road...but I wanted to share one thing that Lorraine wanted us to work on this weekend - and that was to "UNTHINK"! Please tell me how does one "unthink"??? But, I know one thing for sure - this is very necessary thing to do if we want to grow. She described that she wanted us to slip into that gap between thinking and not and how to work with a certain palette of color. She has rescheduled for the 23-24th of January and there are only two spots left after we ironed out who could make this workshop, if you want to learn to "unthink", come join us. You just have to love that lovely lilt of an Irish accent that Lorraine has...beautiful!!! See you all next week and hope you all learn a lot!!

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