Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am getting really excited about Kenson's coming tomorrow to judge the Mixed Media/Collage Exhibit. The reception is Friday evening, so I hope you will come - between 6:00 - 8:30 pm at the gallery.

It is so much fun to just walk behind a judge to hear their thoughts. It is such a learning experience. For example, Corinne Adams who judged the Photography Exhibit definitely leaned toward the "mystery" of the photographic work, the "moment" it caught in time, and the "story". Not only did she take into consideration the photograph itself, but the framing - she looked at the work in its entirety - from the start to the finished product. Bill Davidson, judge for the Southestern Plein Air Exhibit, stood for almost thirty minutes in the middle of the room before taking a closer look. He rotated 360 degrees and let the merit works first capture his attention from a distance. Then, upon his closer look, he looked for those "lost and found" edges, color harmony, variety, asymmetry,composition, and most importantly, VALUE - ahhh...VALUE - how many times is this word mentioned in one of our workshops or classes!

So, tomorrow, I get to "hear" what Kenson has to say...I fell in love with her work years ago in the atrium at the Women's Center at Northside Hospital which houses a collection of her work. I simply cannot wait!

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  1. Waiting to hear results as well. Would love to see pictures of the show. Thanks.