Sunday, September 26, 2010


Small, fit, trim, agile, and a bundle of energy, Maggie Siner jumped around, demonstrating movement within a painting with animated gestures of her hands and self and also how light explodes and travels through the works of masters. You could sense the intention behind these artists and in her own personal, powerful art work and you could feel her excitement for teaching what she feels is crucial to painting! She decided early on to sock it to us feeling we could handle what she had to say and we were all the better for it!!! We spent the weekend learning, yes learning, the basic fundamentals about the relationships of color, how to translate value into color, understanding intensity and saturation, seeing the color of light, the color of shadows, and hearing this eloquent woman speak and share her infinite knowledge, wisdom and humor! Having taught internationally, Maggie has studied and taught on an international level. We were lucky to have her come to Atlanta and have begged her to come again and already a list is forming!!! Dramatic is how I would describe her work and explosively dynamic I would describe her teaching style...she is a MUST for any level learner!!!!

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