Sunday, September 26, 2010


Comparing the relationships of colors...values, hue, and intensity...
We first determined the color of what Maggie calls "the largest piece of real estate" on the still life rectangle you chose to paint. You would then peripherally ;look to compare the color value relationship to a color a distance away, not directly adjacent to the area you just laid in. Try that a few times and your head really begins to's not squinting... I admit, this was very difficult to do!!! We did this all day on the last day and you would simply be surprised how "off" value relationships can get if you do not follow this to the letter. And, when you tend to "forget" to use your peripheral vision, you get into major trouble with your color value relationships. The workshop was NOT about painting the objects but the color relationships of the subject areas of the still life. The objects will emerge and are dynamic!
The steps one can consider taking are:
1. Find the largest color value, then find your next largest piece of real estate and compare the value. Do this with a third area and compare the first two value colors with the third value color.
2. Find your brightest, lightest value.
3. Find your darkest values and let them merge.
4. Then find your local colors.
5. Do NOT paint objects; paint the color relationships and value. The objects will DANCE around the rectangle of your subject.

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